THC: 19.57% CBD: 0.33%

The medicine is known to initially have a very strong effect, followed by a long-lasting and intense physical and cerebral experience. It is a great medicine to address pains and stimulate eating, but it also has an uplifting quality that makes it a functional option as well.

ChemDawg by Bhang is a hybrid strain that has been processed into a variety of oil-based products compatible with the Bhang Stick portable vaporizer. The oils are free of glycerin, glycol, and additives, and stay true to ChemDawg’s uplifting and euphoric effects.

Bhang’s Pure Oil ChemDawg is a CO2 extract made with the experienced user in mind, with a potency that ranges from 50-65% THC. For the novice, Bhang’s All Natural ChemDawg is a coconut oil-infused blend with a potency range of 25-35% THC. Each product is batch tested, so consult the product’s label for an exact description of its cannabinoid content.